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After you have registered your X-STEM School here, these are the five steps to become a certified X-STEM School to be listed on our website.

Step One: Find an adult/student partner

Adult X-STEM Coordinators need to look for student leaders to guide the X-STEM School Team.  One student in the team will be the X-STEM Student School coordinator.

X-STEM Student School Coordinators need to find an adult sponsor at the school.  An ideal adult sponsor would be one who has some of the following traits: be interested in hosting STEM activities at your school, can help you complete paperwork, would be interested in helping coordinate with logistics to get your school to the EXPO, and could host your X-STEM School meetings in their allocated space at school.  Adult sponsors do not have to be teachers and administrators, but X-STEM Student Coordinators should look to school personnel first for help.

Step Two: Recruit 5 Student Delegates

Start asking students to be part of the X-STEM Ambassador Team for your school.  Ideal delegates are motivated to help promote STEM in your school or community.  They can come from different age groups and parts of the school.  When more than one student coordinator decides to represent the school, each X-STEM School Coordinator can recruit 5 delegates.  These delegates must complete significant X-STEM School promotion to be awarded tickets to the symposium.  The X-STEM School Coordinator is responsible for certifying participation.  Pick students who will fulfill significant STEM accomplishments for the school. 

Step Three: Schedule an X-STEM Ambassador Team Meeting

Students are encouraged to have a meeting with their X-STEM Delegates to discuss plans for their X-STEM School.  At the end of the meeting, students should have created their X-STEM School Statement.  This statement should be written by the X-STEM School Ambassadors with their X-STEM outreach plan. Take a picture of the X-STEM Ambassador Team at the meeting.  

Step Four: Submit your picture and statement to Festival for CERTIFICATION

Submit your picture and goal statement to the festival through the following CERTIFICATION FORM. Once the materials are received, you will get notification when your web page has been established.  The festival will promote your addition to the X-STEM School program through social media, and ask that you do the same.  Make sure your school newsletter or other publication advertises your participation in the X-STEM School program and promotes Festival participation.  Please note that your X-STEM School page can be updated at any time using this form.

Step Five: Start your STEM activities!

We want to celebrate your successes!  Please send us pictures, videos, and descriptions of your accomplishments for the X-STEM School page.