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AFA Hoyt Vandenberg Award2014:

Victor Hamburger Prize

USASEF SDB Education Plaque

The Festival is awarded the Society of Developmental Society's Viktor Hamburger Prize.  This award, established in 2002 in honor of noted professor and embryologist Viktor Hamburger, recognizes individuals and organizations who have made outstanding contributions to developmental biology education, including establishing and administering programs that disseminate reliable information of this field to students and the general public.

Past recipients of the Hamburger Prize include such notables as: Maxine F. Singer (Carnegie Institution); Bruce Alberts (National Academy of Sciences); Lewis Wolpert (University College London), and Eugenie C. Scott ( National Center for Science Education).



 Visionary Award


The Foundation Fighting Blindness, a national nonprofit that advances sight-saving research for the wide range of retinal diseases, honors the Festival with its prestigious Visionary Award. This award recognized the Festival's various outreach presentations in communities with leading scientists and other professionals that call attention to the promising research underway to prevent, treat and cure blinding retinal degenerative diseases.

Past recipients of the Visionary Award include: investor and philanthropist Peter Lynch, vice chairman of Fidelity Management Research Company, and co-founder of the Lynch Foundation; Eliot Berson, M.D., of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts Eye and Ear (the world's largest vision and hearing research center); Massachusetts GovernorDeval L. Patrick; Stephen J. Ryan, M.D., renowned eye expert who served as president of the Doheny Eye Institute and home secretary of the Institute of Medicine, and  esteemed fashion executive Jill Granoff.

Over the last 40 years, the Foundation Fighting Blindness has also honored New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Steve Wynn, Lee Iacocca, J. Willard Marriot, Jr. and Ross & Margot Perot.


Hoyt S. Vandenberg Award

Vandenberg AwardIn recognition of its contributions to aerospace education and for its efforts in encouraging youths to pursue the fields of science and engineering, the Festival is named recipient of the Air Force Association's coveted Hoyt S. Vandenberg Award, an honor personally presented to the Festival by the Secretary of the Air Force and the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.

Named for one of the key founders of the U.S. Air Force, the Vandenberg Award, established in 1948, is one of the highest honors of the Air Force Association and is given for the most outstanding contributions in aerospace education.

Prior recipients include: General James H. Doolittle, celebrated WW II pilot and commander; famed psychologist and behaviorist B.F. Skinner of Harvard University; the Air Force Institute of Technology Graduate School of Engineering at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio; Steven Udvar-Hazy, then Chairman and CEO of International Lease Finance Corporation (one of the largest aircraft lessors in the world); Ross Perot, Jr.,Chairman of Perot Systems Corporation, and pilot  Lt. Col. Jacqueline Cochran, a pioneer in American Aviation who was noted for founding the Women Air Force Service Pilots during WW II and for later becoming the first female to break the sound barrier.

Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science

UNESCO badgeThe Festival is selected a Country Nominee for the prestigious Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science, an international award given by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) for exceptional skill in presenting and communicating scientific ideas to students and lay people, including outside the formal setting of classrooms.

Since created by UNESCO in 1951, the Kalinga Prize has been awarded to 65 individuals from 24 countries, including six Nobel Prize winners and other prominent scientists such as cultural anthropologist Margaret Mead, brain researcher Rane Raul Drucker-Colin, and astrophysicist Trinh Xuan Thuan.




San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA) Partnership Award

USASEF SDSA PlaqueThe USA Science & Engineering Festival is named recipient of the highly regarded San Diego Science Alliance (SDSA) Partnership Award, honoring the Festival for the most innovative new science education program.

Others who have been honored by the SDSA award for science education innovation include: Anne Fege, Ph.D., of the San Diego Children and Nature Collaborative; Cristina Trecha, Director of the San Diego Science Project of the University of California, San Diego; and the Regional Allied Health & Science Initiative (RAHSI) -- collaborative effort to prepare students for college sciences and health professions.