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Nifty Fifty – Bring a Top Scientist to your Middle or High School

Ms. Alisa Allen

Years Participated: Nifty Fifty 2014/2015
Allen Alisa

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Alisa Allen 2014 Nifty Fifty JACOBS-ENGINEERING-logo

Alisa Allen: A Consultant to the Petroleum Coke Industry Talks About Opportunities in the Field of Engineering


Note - This Nifty Fifty event will be a hands-on engineering design and construction project for up to 30 students. Multiple workshops can be held for students throughout the day.

Alisa Allen has long been interested in knowing how technology can be further used to improve the quality of life for people -- a pursuit she has been actively involved with for the last 15 years as a consultant with Jacobs Consultancy Inc.'s Petroleum, Chemicals and Energy practice in Houston, Texas, a division of Jacobs—one of the world's largest and most diverse providers of technical professional and construction services.

As businesses in the energy and manufacturing sectors seek more efficient ways to optimize business solutions, Alisa's expertise in petroleum coke market consulting, strategy development, business development, and project execution is essential to her role at Jacobs Consultancy.

Alisa shares, "Since 1983, through its flagship publication—the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ)—Jacobs Consultancy's Carbon Group has been considered the worldwide authoritative source on petroleum coke market intelligence". Petroleum coke (also known as petcoke) is a byproduct of producing transportation fuels via the crude oil refining process. This byproduct is useful to the cement, power, aluminum, chemical, calcining, refining, lime, steel, paper, brick and glass industries.

Alisa is part of Jacobs Consultancy's Carbon Group which is comprised of consultants and engineers who partner with organizations to provide technical and commercial business solutions. The group's primary focus are studies and research involving petroleum coke, coal tar pitch, and other carbon products that address key issues important to its global clientele in the aforementioned eleven (11) industries, as well as the trading, financial, and terminaling industries. Alisa's responsibilities include following and analyzing green and calcined petroleum coke supply/demand trends, international petroleum coke import/export trade patterns, oil refining economics, environmental regulations, as well as pricing trends for petroleum coke and its competitive fuels.

Because of petcoke's importance, Jacobs Consultancy's Carbon Group is looking at key issues impacting this global industry, e.g. diminishing supplies of anode-grade green petroleum coke; the influence of the shale oil revolution on global petroleum coke quality and quantities; regional environmental regulations and their impact on petcoke and petcoke-related industries, and the impact of geopolitical concerns (e.g. the Ukrainian-Russian relations) on energy sectors such as petcoke, crude oil, coal and natural gas.

Challenges aside, Alisa is proud of her achievements at Jacobs Consultancy, especially using technology to devise methods that streamline work processes, and create efficiencies that provide clients with a better return on investment, such as providing them with better products and comprehensive service.

Though born in San Francisco, California, Alisa says "My career has afforded me to travel both domestically and internationally, including to China, India, Europe, and Latin America".

She studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing at the University of Houston. Alisa is the author and co-author of articles on petroleum coke-related topics, has delivered presentations at industry workshops and conferences, and served as Deputy Conference Coordinator for Jacobs Consultancy's Annual Asian Petcoke Conferences in Goa, India in 2010, and Dubai, U.A.E. in 2011. In addition, she is a member of Jacobs' Professional Women's Collaborative, and a seminar facilitator for the Jacobs' BeyondZero™: Culture of Caring Safety Initiative.

Active in her community, Alisa is an avid volunteer who founded Faith By Influence Enterprises, Inc., an organization devoted to providing fun, innovative ways to encourage and inspire others to become agents of change in the world. She notes, "I am especially inspired by people who creatively and courageously overcome obstacles in their lives and inspire others to do so." Her role models include: Jessica Matthews, CEO of Uncharted Play (a social good product design firm) and inventor of the SOCCKET soccer ball; child entrepreneur Farrah Gray; Nick Vujicic, Founder of Life Without Limbs; Steve Wozniak, mechanical engineer and Co-founder of Apple; physicist Albert Einstein; inventor Madame C J Walker, and Louis Pasteur, chemist and microbiologist.

As a part of the USA Science & Engineering Festival's Nifty Fifty team, Alisa is eager to share with students the topic, "Let's Talk Engineering!" which focuses on the exciting world of engineering and its multi-faceted careers and opportunities.

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