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The 2014 and 2015 X-STEM Extreme STEM Symposiums - presented by MedImmune - featured interactive presentations and workshops by an exclusive group of visionaries who aimed to empower and inspire elementary through high school students about careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).
Bring these STEM role models into your classroom with this collection of 15-20 minute videos featuring 2015 and 2014 X-STEM presenters covering a wide array of subject areas including space exploration, storm chasing, oceanography, the science of social networks, the physics of superheroes, mathematical puzzles and much, much more!  Filter the videos by subject matter, age group and/or speaker name to find the videos that fit your lesson plans.
To learn more about the upcoming 2016 X-STEM Symposium, click here for information.
Note: If your school site blocks Vimeo, you can download the videos ahead of time directly from the Festival’s Vimeo page
The video tags narrow down the presentation topics.

Award winning filmmaker, Louie Schwartzberg, takes you on journey to the intersection of technology, art and science with his time lapse images that makes the invisible visible.

Learn why preventing infections is better than a cure from MedImmune's infectious disease and vaccine expert, Dr. Steve Projan.

William Pomerantz, VP for Special Projects at Virgin Galactic, shares his own dream of traveling to space and the exciting frontier of space tourism.

Teen education innovator, Vanessa Thompson, makes math concepts come alive for young learners using exciting stories and storybook characters at her award winning

Johnson & Johnson's Vice President of Innovation, Global Health and Policy Communication, Seema Kumar, shares her thoughts on innovation and why STEM makes the world go round.

Telecommunications pioneer and Qualcomm founder, Dr. Irwin Jacobs discusses CDMA: From an Idea to Cellphones that Impact the Lives of Billions.