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X-STEM Schools - Creating STEM Student Leaders


Anacostia Senior High School, Washington, District of Columbia

School Mission Statement:

It is our mission to amplify and increase interest in Science, Engineering, Technology and Math (STEM) among Anacostia students. We plan on accomplishing this goal by first making science fun and interesting to our fellow peers. We want our peers to be excited about STEM!!!! We also want our peers to learn by creating fascinating STEM projects.


STEM Kick Off in the Fall of 2013 (2-3 days) and STEM Week Spring 2014
The kickoff and week will include fun science projects / experiments in ALL classes. For example: Candy science experiments; slime; ice cream; home-made oven,Dissection – Real and Virtual!!!

The week will include competitions between grade levels and within science classes. Some examples of competitions that we are hoping to host include:

  • Bottle rocket competitions
  • Robotics
  • Science Fair

And forensics competition, each day classes / grade levels are given a different clue to try and solve the crime!

During the week & throughout the school year we would also like to promote STEM related volunteer opportunities. 

We would also like to host STEM speakers during our STEM week, hopefully we can get a fifty nifty speaker!