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X-STEM Schools - Creating STEM Student Leaders


Bel Air Middle School "Team 1, 2 & 3", Bel Air, Maryland

School Mission Statement:

The X-STEM ambassadors for Bel Air Middle School will create a comprehensive partnership with BAMS teachers and administrators to not only excite kids in science, technology, engineering, and math, but also show them how to use this knowledge in a global environment. Our goal is to excite kids about STEM through the things that they enjoy and to enhance all the amazing things they are taught by BAMS teachers. BAMS X-STEM is to Xcel through excellence.


STEM Service Day - Serve as middle school mentors and organize a day of hands on experiments with BAMS elementary feeder schools.
Please list the programs and outreach your X-STEM School Ambassador program wants to accomplish
Math Night
Science Night
Organize Guest Speakers for the whole school- nobel laureates, community science leaders, parents in STEM fields, science and math teachers with interesting backgrounds (geologists, statisticians)
STEAM Week - promote science, technology, engineering, art, and music. Each day of the week will be given to each letter (area of STEAM).
STEM Pep rally
6th grade jump start day - showcase STEM clubs at BAMS

Astronomy night/STAR party
STEM Carnival
STEM fundraisers
Celebrate Pi Day!!! - have activities, contests, games and food that all revolve around Pi.
Create an eCybermission team
Support a Junior Solar Sprint club
Create a MOEMS (math olympiad elementary and middle school ) team inviting BAMS elementary feeder schools to a bi -monthly Pi Pizza and Game Night.
Form and compete in a model U.N. Ambassador team